When it comes to search engine optimization services, it’s important to avoid using illustrative images, even if they are technically correct. Google doesn’t like stock photos and will often scale them down if they aren’t useful. Also, a poorly-produced image will send the wrong message. A poor-quality image can give the impression that the content is unprofessional and lacks creativity.

When using images to describe a process, make sure to use clear titles to help the search engines understand the image better. Images can be used to highlight a step or data flow diagram, such as how to build a funnel. They can help readers better understand a complex piece of content, because they can provide a visual summary. Additionally, if an image is correctly placed on a page, it will not take up much space on the page.

While most images are one of the three file types that make up a web page, the majority of images are two file formats. For this reason, they can be cumbersome, especially if the image is large. To speed up the process of loading an image, use the alt tag. This is a small piece of text that describes the image. The more relevant the information surrounding the image, the more important it is to the content.

When designing an image, you should make sure to choose an appropriate image size. Choosing an image that is too large or too small will limit the options. For example, a square image of four by three will not make much sense to a search engine. For this reason, you should make sure that your images are at least 16 by nine pixels in size. However, you should consider the dimensions of the image, since the search engine will ignore a picture that is too wide or too tall.

Using photos is a good idea when it comes to SEO. They can help explain a complex idea. People react more quickly to images than to text. Likewise, they tend to remember a face better than a diagram. As a result, SEO agencies should include pictures of clients, customers, and other stakeholders to convey a clear message. This will help them gain a competitive advantage in their niche.

Images that are not related to the central theme should be avoided. For instance, an image that is not related to the content’s topic should be removed, as it can sway the reader’s perception of the content. This means that it’s a good idea to include a relevant photo near relevant text. If you don’t have any photos of clients, you shouldn’t use them. They’re not going to get any clicks.