There are many benefits to choosing a security camera system for your small business, but you have to decide how much coverage you need. It is essential to find a system that offers clear video quality, night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, alerts, and package detection to protect your assets and your customers. Your camera system should also provide enough recording history to keep you informed of any activity so that you can review the footage later.


If you're looking for a security system for your small business, consider Frontpoint security system for businesses. It includes a hub and keypad combo, alarms and video surveillance, hazard protection, professional monitoring, and more. This security system is easy to install without any tools, and even better, it's compatible with virtually any flat surface. Frontpoint has been a leading security system provider for small businesses for more than ten years.

Frontpoint has a stellar reputation in the security industry, and you can take advantage of 0% financing plans, allowing you to purchase a security system for your small business without committing to a long-term contract. Frontpoint's equipment is easy to install, requiring no tools and a single consultation. The equipment comes with a mobile app that gives you full control of connected equipment, allowing you to view footage and silence notifications. Frontpoint has a machine-learning algorithm, so after several weeks of use, it will recognize if someone is trying to break in or tamper with the security system.


The Vivint Small Business Security System is a great option for businesses that are looking for a customized security solution without the enterprise-grade price tag. Vivint is a smart equipment provider, offering its own line of intelligent devices to improve the business security of your establishment. With dozens of equipment options, such as doorbell cameras and outdoor sensors, you can choose the security solution that best suits your business. Vivint also offers flood prevention and CO2 detection, as well as a full range of security solutions for your home.

The security cameras that come with the Vivint Small Business Security System are equipped with both light and sound deterrents. They are triggered to record when motion is detected. These recorded events are then stored on a smart drive that holds up to thirty days of footage. Built-in event markers help you quickly identify which event is being recorded so that you can respond appropriately. Despite the benefits of Vivint's security solutions for small businesses, there are a few things you should know before purchasing.


The Abode security camera is weatherproof, WiFi enabled, and comes with night vision capabilities. You can choose from pre-built kit options or customize your own with sensors and cameras. Abode also features an intuitive set-up guide that walks you through the process step-by-step. You can even set up automations based on your phone's location and proximity. And you can even set up an on-demand monitoring service for free.

Abode's security kit is a smart home integration that's tied to smart home integrations, which makes it a natural fit for North American consumers. And the Abode's design is both attractive and functional, allowing customers to monitor their premises by themselves or pass it off to their pro team when they're away. Abode also offers a monthly fee for pro monitoring.


If you are looking for the best security system for your small business, the Lorex brand is worth considering. The company focuses on high-quality video surveillance for both home and business applications and offers an app that lets you monitor the camera feeds. Lorex customers are usually larger companies, but you can purchase the cameras separately, too. Their cameras are designed to connect to a widescreen monitor. A 60-day return policy and free shipping make them a good choice for your security needs.

One of the most attractive features of a Lorex security system for business is its variety. Lorex sells thousands of products, including indoor and outdoor security cameras, touch screen control panels, motion sensors, and entryway sensors. It also offers pre-built kits, video storage solutions, and accessories. A helpful beginner's guide explains what type of equipment is needed and what features are best for your business. Once you know what you need, you can start choosing from among the various options available.