The Prohibition-era is back in style at the Mac's at 19 Broadway provides a bar in Fairfax. This bar features old-fashioned cocktails, live lounge music, and a unique atmosphere for the over-age crowd. The bar is also known for its live music, including a weekly Blues jam on Mondays. The atmosphere at Mac's is both intimate and festive. The Mac's at 19 Broadway is definitely one of Fairfax's hottest cocktail bars.

Mac's at 19 Broadway

A few years back, the hot spot of Fairfax was a legendary rock bar, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway. Local bands performed there and San Francisco aristocrats frequented it, which made it an institution. Even after the earthquake hit the area, the bar hosted local rock bands. However, the bar's popularity faded as the town became more gentrified and family-oriented.

The bar is now known for its cocktail selection, which includes both classic and prohibition-style concoctions. In addition to its cocktail menu, Mac's offers a carefully selected craft beer list. The bar's unique atmosphere is complemented by live music every Friday and Monday. The place even has Blues jam Mondays. Whether you're looking for a fun atmosphere or a drink to accompany the band, Mac's at 19 Broadway is the perfect place to start your evening in Fairfax.

The venue has undergone a major makeover. Once a hotspot for local rock bands, 19 Broadway has been completely renovated. The piano has been replaced by a black baby grand, which looks especially elegant against the red curtains. The bar's decor and prices are very reasonable. There is a DJ and live music in the evening. The service is superb and prices are very reasonable.

Lily's Bar

A hot spot in the city, Bar in Fairfax at Mac's on 19th Street is a must-visit for drinkers in the area. It is a great place to try new cocktails, as well as some of the best food trucks in the city. If you want to experience authentic Jamaican food, try their sandwich, which includes scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and Sriracha mayo on a warm brioche bun.

Peri's Tavern

In the middle of the downtown Fairfax entertainment district is Mac's at 19, a bar known for its Prohibition-era cocktails and live lounge music. Unlike most bars, Mac's is geared toward an over-age crowd, and the cocktail list boasts several prohibition classics and modern takes on classic cocktails. The atmosphere at Mac's is inviting and the prices are reasonable, with drinks costing $12 or less.

Located in Fairfax's downtown business district, Mac's at 19 Broadway offers an eclectic mix of drinks, including craft beer and wine. Live music is played nearly every night, and there is patio seating available for guests. Live music is usually provided by local musicians and rock bands. The relaxed atmosphere at Mac's makes it an excellent spot to spend an evening with friends. In addition to great drinks, you can listen to live music at this bar, including classical performances.