If you live in the Windy City and are interested in discovering more local designers, keep reading this article! It will introduce you to several Chicago-based fashion designers who are well-known in their own fields. We'll cover Rello, Kites, Rashid, Wright, and more! So, which one will you wear? What are you waiting for? Get shopping! If you haven't discovered any local designers yet, get inspired by these incredible works and start shopping!

Rello, a multifaceted fashion designer, started his Fat Tiger Workshop in 2014 and moved it to its current location in 2017. He now runs two other companies, Vita Worldwide and Paradise Design House, and focuses on growing as a contemporary artist. Before creating his own fashion label, Rello worked at popular Chicago streetwear shop Leaders 1354. His first collection for Fat Tiger Workshop featured Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse reimagined as bad mice. This was a popular line that also included Rello's iconic Disney-inspired figurines.

This year, Rello has been selected as one of the "Brands to Watch" at ComplexCon Chicago. Sheila Rashid, Kristopher Kites and Casper Wright will showcase their designs during the event. Rello is one of the designers that will be representing the new generation of Chicago fashion designers. Rello is one of these emerging designers, and she has received accolades from prestigious fashion industry organizations, including the Fashion Institute of America and the New York Fashion Week.

Kristopher Kites, a local fashion designer from Chicago, has a collection of fun jewelry made from molded plastic and cartoon characters. This line features toys molded into clear cubes attached to plastic chains. These pieces are the perfect complement to a casual streetwear outfit. Toys can be found in every Kites product, and you can even buy edible ones. The jewelry line will debut at Congruent Space on July 31.

A Southside native, Kristopher Kites is barely old enough to drink yet has built a stellar resume. He has collaborated with reggaeton star J Balvin and has his designs worn by LeBron James and Beyonce. His name has also been associated with big names in fashion and has landed him the role of Designer in Residence at Virgil Abloh and Don C's famous Windy City boutique.

While studying design at Columbia College Chicago in late 2006, Rashid dropped out after her sophomore year and relocated to New York. In 2009, she studied under fashion designer Horacio Nieto. In 2010, she hosted her first runway show in Pilsen. Soon after, she moved to New York, where she launched her brand at the Brooklyn Fashion Week. She plans to open an elegant space to display her goods. While in New York, Rashid also worked as an intern for Chicago stylist Law Roach.

Sheila Rashid is a native Chicagoan who began crafting T-shirts for friends while still in high school. Her earliest pieces were inspired by the futuristic aesthetic of N.E.R.D. Founder Pharrell Williams cofounded Billionaire Boys Club, which was another source of inspiration. Rashid also drew inspiration from cartoons on Adult Swim. Her work aims to give people the freedom to be themselves.

A new local designer is taking the streets by storm, and Gutter is a great example of this. Inspired by Japanese streetwear and broken glass windows, Gutter's unique designs have struck a chord with Chicago retailers and stores worldwide. Originally from California, Wright moved to Chicago in 2015 to study fine art, but dropped out after only a few months. He learned how to paint on his own to create his distinct style.

Organizers of ComplexCon Chicago have selected four local designers as "Brands to Watch." These young fashion designers are launching their own brands and will showcase at the event. In addition to Rello, Wright and Rashid are also featured in the "Brands to Watch" activation. All four designers will receive free booth space in the market place. The event aims to highlight the unique style and personality of Chicago.
Borris Powell

Since winning the Oscars' Designer Challenge in 2011, Chicago's own Borris Powell has been creating elegant evening wear for women. Powell has expanded her business beyond just evening wear to include ready-to-wear, men's suits, and handbags. Her recent fall-winter 2013 collection is distinctly American, with dark fabrics and simple cuts that focus on the details. It is an evening that is sure to turn heads.

Borris Powell is a local Chicago fashion designer, and is a member of the Finale Selection Panel. Her line has been featured in various local and national publications, and she recently opened her first Chicago storefront in Union Station. Her unique designs are infused with a dramatic sense of self. You can buy a stunning new ensemble at the Chicago Artisan Market, and make a statement at the event!